VolunCheerLeader Editorial Guidelines

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VolunCheerLeader is a meeting place where people can come together to discuss the trends in long-term care staffing and how volunteer roles can be expanded to help support staff in their day-to-day care of the people living in nursing homes.  Research clearly demonstrates that there are people living in our communities who possess a strong passion for serving and are willing to learn new skills to engage in a meaningful opportunity to make a real difference.  We welcome people who are currently working in related fields such as volunteer coordinators, directors of volunteer agencies, nursing home care staff and other interested professionals working in fields related to volunteerism and long-term care to submit questions, personal stories or blogs, or research that advocates for expanding the role of volunteers in long-term care settings.

We Are Looking For:

  • Examples of programs that are using volunteers to provide not only companionship but meaningful support to care staff
  • Both qualitative and quantitative evidence that shows the impact of volunteers on quality of care, staff burnout, staff stress, staff turnover, and staff retention rates
  • Both qualitative and quantitative evidence that shows the impact of volunteers on resident well-being
  • Exemplars of volunteer training programs
  • Exemplars of “super” volunteers

We Are NOT Looking For:

  • Rants about poor nursing home care or staffing.  We recognize that there are issues concerning elder abuse and abusive staff, but this is not the blog for those topics.
  • Self-promoting commercials for products, services or other self-aggrandizing material.
  • Copyrighted material (unless you are the owner)

Submission Formating:

  • Submissions should be 500-1000 words
  • You retain ownership of your submissions
  • By submitting your work to VolunCheerLeader, you are granting us permission to publish your work as well as edit it for publishing.
  • You can always comment on current posts instantly

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