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Paul P Falkowski PhD
Paul P. Falkowski, Ph.D.

VolunCheerLeader is your source for developing, implementing, revamping or evaluating your nursing home volunteer program!

 Wherever there are nursing homes, there is a ever growing need for highly trained, highly committed, compassionate, passionate volunteers serving older adults living in nursing homes.
There are people in our communities who care about the older adults and their welfare. They care very much.  They have the capacity to learn new skills.  They possess a strong passion for older adults and they are willing to be trained and serve along side professional staff, not to replace care staff, but to become an integral part of the team!

Through our blog, podcast,  and online training, VolunCheerLeader will spotlight people and organizations who share this same zeal and are already engaged in expanding the role of volunteers in nursing homes.  VolunCheerLeader will present best practices and current research.  It is exciting to see people in long-term care communities realizing volunteers as a critical component in providing quality of care and quality of life

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